Talk of New CTA Buses Brings on Questions About Potholes

February 27th, 2014

Talk of New CTA Buses Brings on Questions About Potholes

Reporter – WGNTV

Potholes have been a big problem this year with the extremely weather we’ve had So it was only appropriate that Mayor Rahm Emanuel address the issue when talking about $150 million in investment for new CTA buses.

The CTA has ordered 300 of these new 40 foot clean diesel buses that will be hitting streets in May, and has an option to buy as many as 250 more.

They will be replacing buses that are 12 to 14 years old at a cost of $505,000 a piece.

They feature more security cameras, brighter lighting, bigger windows and improved safety barriers for the bus drivers.

A local manufacturing company, Freedman Seating in Humbolt Park, won the contract to produce the seats.

The mayor says it’s a good investment in the Chicago area and is creating local jobs.

Mayor Emanuel also was asked if the potholes that are swallowing vehicles and destroying tires and fenders in the process will be fixed by the time these new buses hit the streets.

He responded by saying the pothole crews are back to work a week earlier and he added another crew to fix about 8,500 potholes a day.

Emanuel says he ordered his staff two weeks ago to come up with a robust new paving plan so that crews will be building new roads, not just fixing old ones.  He doesn’t want the shocks on new buses tested on old potholes.

The CTA says buses carry about 60% of CTA ridership and travel about 60 million miles per year so by adding these new buses as well as rehabbing more than a thousand existing buses, it will make the fleet as close to new as possible.

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